Recipe for strengthening immunity

Cleanses blood vessels, strengthens immunity An amazing home remedy that helps clean blood vessels, strengthens the immune system, heals the heart, cleanses the kidneys and liver. Other benefits include improving memory and protecting the heart from heart attacks. It is also considered to be the most useful natural remedy in the fight against all types of tumors.


15 lemons

1 kg of natural honey

12 cloves of fresh garlic

400 g of wheat grain

400 g of fresh walnuts

Preparation: Take a large glass jar and add wheat to it. Pour water over the wheat and leave overnight. In the morning (after 12 hours) strain the water, rinse and strain again. Leave the grain to stand for another 24 hours. After that, the grain will be ready. Peeled walnuts, garlic and sprouted wheat grind. Add 5 lemons (including peel) and grind as well. Squeeze the remaining lemon and add the juice to the mixture. Mix all the ingredients well to get a homogeneous mixture. Then add honey and mix with a wooden spoon. Put the mixture in a glass jar and store in the refrigerator. Leave for 3 days, then use according to the following instructions.

Take 1 to 2 tablespoons of the mixture half an hour before breakfast and before going to bed

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