About us

We are a team that has dedicated many years of research into natural, alternative medicine in order to help and expand our knowledge for people around the world in hope that we will help them preventively in maintaining health, and thus be very happy to spread positive, joyful vibes around the world. Please note that this is a site of informational nature, but not the only way to treat people. In combination with classical medicine, our site can provide you with a perfect life without disease.
The definition of the World Health Organization in its Constitution reads: “Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” Health is a state of good physical, mental and social well-being. Health is most often used as a term for absence from illness. Some of the conditions for good health are a balanced diet, physical activity and hygiene (mental and physical), which we will write about on this site in accordance with our many years of knowledge and experience. For us, a smile is on people’s faces and their psycho-physical-mental-spiritual being is more important than anything in this world. Here you will find stories that inspire, move, inform you. Some of them you probably know yourself, and some are still unknown to you. In any case, we will try to benefit you and make your life easier.
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